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The Supply of Books is Plentiful

Christian Books, Supplies & Movies from:


(Books and Movies are secondary - Your Fellowship is Primary)



  • A book drive at your Church - You will be surprised how many want to donate.


  • You're Church Bookstore - Talk to the store manager about your ministry, pray for help.


  • Thrift Centers that have book recycling - There are hundreds of books sitting on their racks.


  • Bibles - many sources - please share - Dollar Tree has King James for $1.00


  • The Gospel of John - many sources - please share








  • The Jesus Movie - This ministry is offering a Christian Movie that can help save souls.



  • Many other stores and online sites – please share with me - I will post 

We are Pro-Life (not Pro-Abortion) Christian Men and Women that have experienced the

joys of hosting Christian tables in the public sector. is a grassroots website created to

help others

learn how to start and manage their own tables.


We also fully support for Pro-Life Training

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