What if

What if this Little Team could?

What if it could speak for those that are silent?

What if this Little Team could gather over 30,000 Signatures (Prayers) for this Pro-life Petition?

One Signature, One Prayer for each child lost in California*

Would God bless this Little Team?

So far this little team has over 600 signatures and counting.

Let's all strive together to pray for Our Children!

This Little Team is

Calvary Beachside

* In 2014, some 157,350 abortions were provided in California per Guttmacher Institute

  Since then, Surgical Abortions have gone down but Chemical Abortions (RU 486) have gone up.

  About 1/3 were at Planned Parenthood (30,000 is a very conservative estimate).


We are Pro-Life (not Pro-Abortion) Christian Men and Women that have experienced the

joys of hosting Christian tables in the public sector.


TableTopUSA.org is a grassroots website created to

help others

learn how to start and manage their own tables.


We also fully support   www.ProForumUSA.org for Pro-Life Training

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