"In God we Trust"

God & Our Forefathers gave us America!

America gave us the Constitution 

The First Amendment insured our Freedom of Speech!


 use it

Or lose it!



Reasons Free Speech is Discouraged -


  • The Center Owner does not like the table message

  • Providing a Free Speech area costs the owner money

  • The Security or Maintenance staff don't want to be bothered

  • Table activities distract shoppers from spending their money

  • Shoppers complain about the table message or threaten violence

Reasons Free Speech is to be Encouraged -


  • Our Forefathers fought and died for this Right

  • Free Speech is what makes America Great!

  • Without Freedom of Expression, we may as well be in a Communist or Socialist Country

  • Freedom of Expression is how we share ideas and educate others

  • America is not a Cult and we are not brainwashed to one point of view

Experience -


TableTopUSA has years of Table experience and can help you set up and run your first table.


Expect Pushback - Freedom is not always Free!



Get Started-Join the David Plan


You know the story -


David vs Goliath


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We are Pro-Life (not Pro-Abortion) Christian Men and Women that have experienced the

joys of hosting Christian tables in the public sector.


TableTopUSA.org is a grassroots website created to

help others

learn how to start and manage their own tables.


We also fully support   www.ProForumUSA.org for Pro-Life Training

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