Tables are usually Free

You need Signage and Items of Interest

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Suggested Table Display Items


  • Freestanding Cross – From Home or local Christian Store.  


  • 2’ x 4’ Banner stating "Free" Christian Books (Staples)


  • 8’’ x 10’’ Sign stating "Free" Christian Books in a clear plastic holder (see above)


  • A sign stating your church name


  • Folding Table (usually provided by center)


  • Black tablecloth (usually provided by center)


  • 1 – 3 Folding Chairs (usually provided by center)


  • Suggest bringing cushions for chairs


  • Suggest thin stones, tiles, shells, rocks, etc. as book weights


  • A small foldable 2-wheel dolly with 1 or 2 clear boxes for books and supplies.


  • A small stack of mixed Christian Children Books from Dollar Tree Store


  • Suggest a Lanyard with your name and Your Church name


  • Decorations - I use seashells and rocks (Wind can be an issue)


  • I have a Globe so visitors can show me their home.









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