Save Our Babies

"Seth Gruber"

Calvary Beachside

 Life Team



For those that are

Dedicated to the lives of the Unborn & Infirmed












Goals (Random Ideas - Subject to Discussion)


Actions will speak louder than Words


  1. Unite Under God for Guidance and Authority

  2. As a team, meet and discuss God's objectives

  3. Share Pro-Life resources, websites, organizations, literature, events, etc...

  4. Brainstorm Action Items: Prayer, Petitions, Testimonials

  5. Consider online training with "Get into Life"

  6. Meet with Advocacy Groups like HPC, Obria, Beacon of Light, etc...

  7. Attend and Promote Inspired Pro-Life Movies, Video's and Books

  8. Produce Give-Away kits for High School and College Students

  9. Meet and provide support on a bi-monthly schedule

  10. Share activities on a Calvary for Life webpage

  11. Discuss witnessing at Schools and Churches

  12. Encourage others via tables, signs, clothing, and banners

  13. Support 40 Days for Life's Prayer Campaign at Tustin Planned Parenthood

  14. Help with developing fundraising projects within our community

  15. Sign up for Pro-Life Newsletters from Advocacy Groups

  16. Volunteering at Horizon Pregnancy Center and other local resource centers


"Are You Interested?"

 If you are considering joining

The Calvary Beachside Life Team

Please contact John Saggiani @ 714-756-0001 (text)

or email to



We are Pro-Life (not Pro-Abortion) Christian Men and Women that have experienced the

joys of hosting Christian tables in the public sector. is a grassroots website created to

help others

learn how to start and manage their own tables.


We also fully support for Pro-Life Training

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