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She knows who's in charge

  • Pray for God's blessing over the table.

  • Enjoy the people watching.

  • Table hosting is a surefire way to escape your daily concerns.

  • Others often have much bigger challenges and enjoy your interest.

  • You may help save one or many souls, but God is ultimately in control..

  • You may help save one or many souls, it is out of your control.

  • Choosing a Table Location for best traffic is critical (1,000 - 2,000 guests/hour cross my table). 

  • Visitors are drawn to the table when they see other visitors at the table.

  • Expect visitors just after you packed your last book :))

  • Try various days and locations.

  • Prepare for hot or cold or wind. Unless you are indoors, bring rocks or some paperweights because weather can change.

  • If the table is outdoors, you need to verify if they supply an umbrella (most do).

  • Bring water, a snack, and a chair cushion for added comfort, and maybe a backrest?

  • Bring a book for your own reading between visitors.

  • Bring a camera for both snapshots and videos. Be sure to ask for permission before taking photos of visitors.

  • Bring a notepad for remembering activities and prayer requests.

  • One table host is good Two is best (a male & female any ages). Three or more tends to turn off visitors.

  • Table hosts need to remember not to interrupt each other or visitors.

  • Be interested in shoppers, eye contact helps draw visitors.

  • Do not yell out or badger shoppers, remain at peace :))

  • If they approach, say “free Christian books and movies” it will comfort their curiosity. 

  • Be prepared to answer "why are they free?" My answer is “God is Free!”

  • It helps to have Children's Children books (dollar tree has a hit or miss supply of inspirational children books).

  • Be ready to make friendly small talk with a spiritual focus.

  • You will have all types of guests. Be prepared to explain why you are a believer.

  • Always stay friendly. Do not lecture or dictate to visitors.

  • Be considerate of their time and always make sure you're not infringing on them. 

  • Explaining makes for conversation and will grow the ministry.

  • You can tell them no donations. I tell them to donate it to their home church.

  • Christian signage is a must. No one wants to visit a cult table.

  • I like to ask the name, location, and pastor of their church (put in a notebook). As you meet others from same church, they like to hear you know of their pastor.

  • I like to ask if they are locals or on vacation and then respond accordingly.

  • Low volume Christian music is enjoyable depending on background notices (check mall rules).

  • Malls will enforce their rules. Be respectful of them.

  • I like to have a few $10 gift cards. You probably will meet someone to bless.

  • You may want to know where the restrooms are located. It is a common concern.

  • Visitors are 99% nice.

  • Table support may depend on center traffic and table appeal.

  • Be prepared to explain "one free book per visitor" policy., Some people get carried away.

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