For where two or more are gathered in my name

There I am in the midst of them

Rain or shine

Busy or slow

You will always have a Blessed Day!

The Activities of Table Top Evangelism are many



When one witness at a Public Table, they are aided by the Holy Spirit and will release his powers to that are willing to receive.



  • Sharing the Light of the Gospel



  • Praying over those with a darkened heart



  • Displaying the Christian Spirit - "They are Watching You"



  • Allowing the Spirit the ability to grow within us and reach others



  • Displaying that Christians are alive and well, even in California



  • Bring comfort to other Christians that may fill timid in their Faith (lifeboat on rough seas)



  • Earn respect from those of other Faiths or No Faith



  • Providing fellowship for those that desire it



  • Providing Christian knowledge to those that may be Hungry 



  • I like to say, I am manning  a Life Boat in an open sea







A table is a safe Harbour in stormy seas

We are Pro-Life (not Pro-Abortion) Christian Men and Women that have experienced the

joys of hosting Christian tables in the public sector. is a grassroots website created to

help others

learn how to start and manage their own tables.


We also fully support for Pro-Life Training

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