"Adopt a Mom"



Per our conversations, Debra Tous at Horizon Pregnancy Clinic and I are brainstorming a plan to "Adopt a Mom" on the Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 19, 2020.


We are not sure if this will work, but your feedback would be helpful.


We suspect, that Sunday, January 19th is a perfect day to ask the congregation to consider a donation to help a pregnant mom and let her know that others want to help her.  (donation made to HPC - Adopt a Mom)


Say you raised X dollars and dedicated it to a specific mom or family that needs assistance (determined by HPC).


Debra would give it to them (or give them life essentials) with the condition they report back to your congregation about their newborn child prior to Sanctity of Life Sunday 2021.


Your congregation will hear the impact of their giving and if this is constructive we do the same drive in 2021.


Your thoughts?

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